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Our Brand

Since 2018 we have been carrying out a branding project of some craft organic Apulian products, together with different regional partners. 


We believe that the flavours of our region should not remain a stand-alone meal or course, served to our guests at La Locanda dei Benedettini.  We want to spread our cultural gastronomic identity through our Cuisine and Work, so that everyone will be able to taste them and be overwelmed by the same feelings that lead us to love our territory. 


Our logo is the symbol of the site where we are: San Vito.


On the background you see the old Benedectine Abbey, which is surrounded by the sea, represented with three small stylized waces. On the left there is a small local boat. from which stands up a stair that leads to the moon. This is a reference to a contemporary work of art, designed by the local artico Miki Carone. An finally, on the right there is a man sitting on the sand and watching the Abbey. He represtens everyone who come to San Vito and falls in love with this enchanted place.

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